For a long time I had the feeling that my life existed of two worlds.
One world was my own inner being, discovering and finding out who I am within and the other was the independent IT professional that lived mostly in his head.

In 2015 I started my training at the school for Rebalancing and during my time in the school the feeling of two worlds became more apparent.
During my training the two worlds slowly integrated to become one.
The movement towards being myself and embracing my uniqueness brought more unity.

After graduating in 2018 I was offered the opportunity to do a two-year internship at the school for Rebalancing.
The two years of internship gave me more trust in who I am and helped me give expression to who I am deep inside.

To get different insights and points of view, I followed programs with several teachers and coaches.

These different insights and points of view helped me with discovering more about myself.

It sped up the journey and brought more in-depth experience of my own inner being.

Recent experiences and the start of PrimeFire

At the beginning of the crisis in 2020, all external contractors were laid off by the client I was working for.
At first this caused a feeling of panic to arise and I went looking for a new assignment, but all positions that were on the market that suited my skill set were withdrawn.

My wife and I had the care of 2 foster kids (then 3 and 4 years old)
The care for two little children and the financial insecurity caused a feeling of stress.

Choosing to be there for the kids and to take care of myself made the feeling of stress disappear.
Being there for the kids all day long brought me completely in the moment of now.
Small children do not know the concept of time.
It helped me slow down and to be in the moment more consciously.
It was a wise lesson to receive from two small kids.

Everything starts from the now and it unfolds further when you keep returning to yourself

Before the crisis I had a personal trainer, but due to the measures that were put in place my trainer had to shutdown his business.
To stay fit and to keep on training, I started doing workouts at home.
The experience gained from working with a personal trainer helped me to create a challenging training schedule with enough variety to keep it interesting.

To add to the positive habit building I also started incorporating daily meditations and breathing exercises, which brought a calmer mind and helped me ground.
When the weather got colder I started doing cold-water plunges in the pool outside.
Every morning at the start of my day I would go and sit for 10 minutes in the pool.
The cold helped me feel the balance between body and mind as the cold placed me completely in the now moment.

Spending all day with the kids, the building of positive habits, experimenting and researching what works for me, have made 2020 the best year yet.
Getting in contact with my creative side and experiencing my own inner child, brought me growth and new ideas.
The choice to be in the moment and taking care of myself has pointed the way towards my own inner fire.

That fire has brought me freedom, security, happiness, luck and playfulness.
The experience of that inner fire has also been the inspiration for the name PrimeFire

It is the discovery and feeding of your own inner flame.