Coaching sessions

Everybody is unique and what works for one person can create problems for someone else.

Coaching for me is an interplay where we can look open and honest to the problem that needs solving.

My coaching sessions are personal.
Together we will be looking at the problem or problems that you are encountering and we work towards solutions and new insights that will help you further.


Information coaching sessions

There might be an overlap in techniques and methods but there is a difference between the coaching sessions and embodiment session.

With the coaching sessions the key is we will be actively looking for solutions for one or more problems and to positively change your patterns.

The key to success here is that you are making a commitment to yourself and me as coach.

During the coaching period there will be support calls between the sessions.

These calls are to keep track of your progress and to receive feedback.


Intake Session

Before we start with the coaching sessions I will shedual an intake session with you.

This intake session is to get acquainted.
We will be discussg what problems  you are running into and what you want to accomplish for yourself and/or company.
So we both will get a clear picture of what is needed to reach your goals.

Using the contact form you can place a request for an intake session.

There are costs involved with the intake session.


Contact form Coaching sessions


The rates for the intake session are:

  • €60 excluding Tax for companies
  • €60 including Tax for individuals

The rates per coaching session are:

  • €120 excluding Tax for companies
  • €120 including Tax for individuals