Embodiment Sessions

Is there the space to be whom you are deep inside?

Do you allow yourself to take the space that you need to give expression to what makes you unique?

Embodiment is to embody everything that is unique about you.

It is a personal process comparable with an inner journey that gives a deeper insight in who you are and what your own truth is.

During a session we will be going on a journey together, where I create the space in which you can safely explore and discover.

Everybody is unique and the embodiment process is personal, that is why I work with different techniques.


Information Embodiment Sessions

Sessions are never the same, every session has its own flow.
The duration of a session is about 1,5 hours

There are different tools/methods that I use.

A more boarder list of the methods and tools that I use:

  • Self-inquiry
  • Bodywork/Rebalancing
  • Movement and bodily expression
  • Vocal techniques and vocal expression
  • Creative expression/development
  • Shaman drumming
  • Meditations
  • Breathing techniques


Intake Session

Before we start with the embodiment sessions I will shedual an intake session with you

This intake session is to get acquainted and to see what you want to accomplish for yourself.
Using the contact form you can place a request for an intake session.

There are costs involved with this intake session.

Contact form Embodiment sessions


The rates for the intake session are:

  • €60 including Tax for individuals
  • €60 excluding Tax for companies

The rates per embodyment session are:

  • €120 including Tax for individuals
  • €120 excluding Tax for companies