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Personalized Coaching for Authentic Growth

At Primefire, I recognize the individuality of each person, ensuring my coaching sessions are solution focused. I provide coaching tailored to your unique needs, fostering authentic personal and professional growth. I’m all about embracing life in its fullness, helping you rediscover your true self and reconnect with your unique essence.


Embodiment techniques


Self Inquiry

Bodywork / Rebalancing

Bodymovement and expression


Breathing techniques

Embodiment Sessions

Embodiment is embracing the fullness of life.
In the modern world we tend to live only in our heads and in the outside world.
We have become disconnected from our uniqueness and the body that we came into this world with.

Embodiment sessions are for those who want to explore their own unique self.

During the sessions I will be asking questions to explore what your unique inner fire is. It is a explorational journey into the depths of yourself.

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Journaling Techniques

Creative expression

Positive habit building

Change of mindset


Self-inquiry techniques

Coaching sessions

I have followed several coaches and also done programs with a number of them.
What I started to notice is that some of the coaches are trying to convey what works for them.
They do not look at the person or personality that is in front of them, they just tell you what to do to be as successful as they are.

There is a big missing link in the example I mentioned and that is a personal connection and the ability to see the person for whom he/she is.

It is a commitment and interplay between the coach and the client.

That is why my coaching sessions are solution-oriented.

Together we look at a problem that is holding you back and we look for the solution to grow personaly or with your company.

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You are not a drop in the ocean.

You are the entire ocean in a drop.



The group programs are, just like the individual sessions, created to get more insight in yourself.
The difference with the individual sessions is that we as a group will go on a journey together.

The group serves as a save base in which each participant can go respectfully into his own process.

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Weekly meditation session (free)

I host weekly a free PrimeFire meditation session, which will be hosted via Zoom.

The session itself is about an hour.

If you want to participate in the weekly meditation you can find more information here.

Who is Sander?

Hi I’m Sander.

For a long time it has felt like if I have lived in two worlds.

In one world I was an independent IT specialist where I was  alot in my head and in an other world I was someone who was busy with self-development, personal growth and the deeper aspects of what makes me human.

Over the years I have followed various training courses and education.
Daring to be present in my body and giving expression to my feelings brought me closer to myself.
During my own process of embodiment, my qualities became visible for guiding others who are on their journey in discovering themselves.

All of this has led me to start my own practice.

Embodiment and self-development is a personal process, it is not about learning a little trick or a ready-made story that will turn you around.
It requires creating a safe space, in which we can go on a journey together.

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