Weekly PrimeFire meditation

Every Wednesday from 20:00 to 21:00 (Amsterdam Time) there is a free PrimeFire meditation in which you can participate.

For this meditation you need a journal (pen and paper) and I would like to ask you to read the piece about the PrimeFire meditation on this page, so that you do not participate unprepared.

Any questions can be asked during the Zoom session (before or after the meditation)

The meditation itself will take place via zoom (check out the PrimeFire facebook page for more information).


PrimeFire Meditation

The meditation is divided into several steps:

Under my guidance we will be journaling for about 10 minutes.

The journaling is divided into 3 phases /steps which are reflected in the meditation.
–  What do you feel appreciation for?
–  How do I want to feel?
–  What if… (give your imagination/desires the freedom).

After journaling we are going to do a breathing exercise for about 5 minutes.

Followed by the meditation which is divided into four segments of 5 minutes (I will run a timer during the meditation).

In the first 5 minutes of meditation you let your body and your thoughts come to rest.

Active Appreciation
In the second 5 minutes of the meditation allow yourself to feel the appreaciation you journaled about before.

In the third 5 minutes of the meditation you put down the intention in how you want to feel and what you need.

Active allowing/receiving
In the last 5 minutes of meditation let your head calm down. You let go of the activities of your head and allow what wants to come to you.

After the meditation you write down what you have experienced during the meditation and there is the possibility to share your experience.